Saturday, 31 March 2012


800m-1:59.08 (58.30) 18th Overall. NSW State Champs SOPAC

Very disappointing time but I gave it a red hot crack. Sick as a dog I set a WR for most vomiting before and after a race, at least 20x, just felt awful and struggled to breathe right from the gun. Legs felt great, so the final prep wasn't too bad despite missing Thursday's session so I'll definitely schedule more races next season without working before hand. These are the splits (click on Men's 800m, then H2 up the top of the page), I got stuck in no man's land, I just didn't have enough speed at the moment to go with the pack.

Was tempted to keep the season rolling and find another race, but I'll just be prolonging the agony for no real gains. It's best to get stuck into some hard work and make sure I've got a big base for next season so I can spend an appropriate amount of time working on speed. I needed at least 2x400m races and another 2x800m races if I was going to challenge my target.

Read an article about Anselm LeBourne at 52yrs the oldest man to ever break 2min. I want to keep my streak going as long as possible, but definitely don't think I could get away with missing base work and having another shit Winter like the last one.

That's enough sooking, I shouldn't make my rants public when I'm pissed off. On the positive, Nick Cope at 43yrs won a State Bronze Medal in the 10000m, so I'm certainly in good company with my winter training partner. Heaps of other clients have put in great performances, lots of PB's and several finalists, I'm hoping for Jared West to medal in the 800m.


  1. Bad luck on the cold getting in the way. At least you were quicker again than last race. I think Tamsyn needs to race with you at least she might run sub 2 mins.

  2. She went through 400m 2sec quicker and finished 2sec slower, hmmmm