Thursday, 29 March 2012

Touch Wood

I'm constantly bragging about never getting sick, only been off work twice in 20 years due to illness - meningococcal and a bout of gastro. For the last 2 weeks I feel like I've been fighting hard to stay healthy even though my training load has been minimal, Millie and both boys have been up all night coughing and spluttering and every second client seems to come in sick or cancel, it's bloody lucky I'm invincible :-)

12km-52:00 (4:20km's) Solo Brekky Point

8x100m hills - fastest 13.0 Solo Domain

I was intending on doing some downhill sprints to find some speed but I felt great, no need to take any risks I'm ready.


  1. Mate, even I could run 100m downhill in 13s. I'd be calling the bank manager.

  2. They were uphill, get used to steamed rice.