Thursday, 22 March 2012


Wednesday-Rest, hate resting the day before a race but wasn't feeling great.


AM 3km easy City


800m-1:59.75 2nd

Legs felt great, rest of me felt shit, but I lined up confident of a pb. Conditions were ok by Sydney standards. No wind which is nice but it was raining so the track was slow.

I was a bit more conservative than last race, went through 400m-58 5th, 600m-91 still 5th then ran well in the last 200m going past Seth Healy and Daniel Maran on the bend and just pipped Liam Ridings in a neck and neck battle down the home straight with Tom Douch 1:55.49 off in the distance.

Disappointed with the time, but I can find a few positives. Most importantly, I've still got one more chance for a quick time next Saturday. All my clients have graciously agreed to move to Sunday so for the first time ever I'll be racing an 800m without working beforehand. Another positive, my old sprint coach Wayne 'Tubby' Jeff challenged me when I first stepped up to 800m's to try and stay under 2min every year until 40 years, the 39th year is now ticked off, one more to go.

I needed sub 1:59 so lost the double or nothing bet with Bloody Tom, down $100, with a good chance to recoup $50 next week with a sub 1:57.70.

Edit: I should add that a NSW Masters record was smashed by 12sec on the night, the amazing 80 year old Richard Hughes 3:12.12. Also 61 year old Neil Fowler was impressive with 2:23.02 (sub 3min km pace). It's not a great sign for the future when I feel inclined to check what times the old fellas are running.


  1. Sub 2 is great running congrats!

  2. Well done Tiger. It was a humid 87% last night so a very good run in that soup air.

  3. Thanks guys, I've been a sooky lala most of today but it's out of my system now and I'm looking forward to making amends next week.

  4. Great run Tiger. Sub-2 is still incredible. JF