Sunday, 11 March 2012

Mum's The Word

21km including 10km - 37:25 (3:45km's) with JB on The Bay

Beautiful morning, very busy on The Bay, JB is running well. Taking the arvo off to eat fried chicken, drink beers and watch footy.

My mum has found the blog so I need to make some changes. I'll need to be more conservative as she is a fanatical do gooder, as fanatical as any Crossfitter, Hillsonger or Barefooter. She is also the world's hardest working human and has already made reference to my low volume betraying my Japanese heritage.

127km for the week, nothing special but got through some good work. Only 19 days left in the season, whether I'm ready or not it's time to reduce the volume and increasing the quality.

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