Saturday, 17 March 2012


6km easy + Plyo's.

Not much bounce, at my best I can double leg squat jump the maximum height on the wooden sculpture in front of The Bond Building, today I could only make it to 12 planks from the end. Even though I jumped more like a tadpole than a frog I was relieved to get through the session, anything that can add some spark at this stage of the season without aggravating the feet is a welcome bonus.

Foreshore 5km Race - 5th 16:48

Was in Newcastle visiting relatives and found this race. Felt like shit before, during and after the race, I need to figure out how to prepare for races on work days. The last 2x800m races this season are both in the evening after 6 hours of massaging.

I didn't wear a watch so no idea of splits, aerobically I struggled and had some shocking patches in the middle of the race, happy that I managed to grind my way from 11th at 1/2 way to 5th at the finish picking up a few including a fellow Sydney Strider in the last 200m.

It was a very low key race won in 16:19 but the organisers did a good job and their enthusiasm was infectious. The highlight was dodging the maniacs at the start of the race, we came across a few lunatics living near the wharves one of whom king hit one of the competitors during the warm up which delayed the race by 15mins.

Strength + 7km 30:16 (4:20km's) Solo on The Bay


  1. Was the Strider Richard Palmer? He lives at Newcastle.

  2. Not sure Flakey, results aren't out yet.