Sunday, 1 March 2015

More Catch Up

I've been running a lot, but all junk. Run Crew is growing and my running has gone to shit, i suspect i'll get moving again in the next month or 2.

Week commencing
2nd Feb - 85km
9th Feb - 189km
16th Feb - 209km
23rd Feb - 211km, managed a few decent sessions this week but nothing exciting

sorry, squad flying and growing, running lots of junk. Nothing exciting in the last month, 3 weeks ago did 3x1km with our quickest girl in 2:58s but otherwise lots of easy running.

1st March - 215km
8th March - 215km
15th March - 211km
22nd March - 215km
29th March - 208km including some decent training:- Tue-ES Marks 4x(600,400,200), Thu-8x800m hills, Sat-3.6km@3:36kms, 4x1mile, Sun-21km@4:25s