Sunday, 18 March 2012

Paddo Hill 83.8

1xPaddo Hill - 83.8 (10), 4x300(4) avg 44.0, 8km-40:00.

Did 4km Warm Up with Dunny and Poo, told them I was about to break the unofficial Paddington Hill World Record and delivered :-) Thought I'd run 84.0 a few years ago, but it was actually 85.0 so I was well under my previous best, I felt controlled and finished strongly without pushing too hard.

Went to Moore Park for the 300m's and startled Harry Summers furtively exiting the Public Toilet with a nasty scratch on his face, I don't even want to know what goes on in that toilet so decided I could hold on until I got home. Then did an easy 8km with Megan2 who is gaining fitness rapidly and successfully managed to evade any arguments.

66km for the week. PB's in training are normally ominous however at this stage of a rushed season I'll gratefully accept any positive. I will take it easy now until the race on Thursday Night.

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