Thursday, 1 March 2012

Almost fast 300m

6km easy Solo to Pyrmont

Beautiful run, forgot to put on my watch, bumped into Ben St and Reagan taking a post brekky romantic stroll at Jones Bay Wharf.

5km easy, 16x100(walk back)-most were sub 13, fastest 11.9, 300m-38.9 rolling start. Solo at ES Marks

Wanted to do something sharper, session was effective yesterday but didn't give me the feel I needed before a race. Turned up at the track and it was wet and windy again so I did an extra long warm up. Decided to keep doing 100m's until the wind settled, felt good but legs heavy from the accumulation from Mon and Wed sessions.

Caught a break with the wind completely dying, just in time as the 100m's were boring me senseless. The 300m was good enough, it wasn't easy but it was well short of maximum effort. A concerned onlooker commented that I was sprinting without a knee lift, which is exactly how it felt to me. Exactly what I needed to start getting the b-b-b-bounce back, I feel great and will definitely race on Saturday.

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  1. 100m's like that are best for loosening up the legs... I always do lots of sets after a marathon to get my legs moving at the right pace, looks like your legs are moving at the right pace for a good race on saturday.