Monday, 5 March 2012


6km-27:18 (4:32km's) Solo Darling Harbour

16km-69:20 (4:18km's) With Copey around The Bay

First 9km's we were practically walking, but I knew when Copey started firing up about his disappointing 15:28 5km on the weekend that he was going to make a desperate dash for fitness in the last 7km' got quicker and quicker and quicker.

Worked out well because I was in a massive hurry to get to the Giants for work on time. I didn't get a chance to eat so I decided to stop at the Convenience Store to get some snakes to tide me over until after work. I was crazy busy during the day and had only had a small snack for lunch but wasn't too worried as I only had the easy run planned and thought I'd have plenty of time to eat dinner before work. The last thing I want is to be feeling like i'm about to pass out while massaging big humans.

As I was reversing into a parallel parking spot some bright spark decided to try and beat me in forwards, did I mention I was running late? I was reversing pretty quickly and we hit each other hard. After quickly inspecting the damage the only thing I could do to stop me from belting the moron was to kick my damaged panel, hit it as clean as a whistle off the middle of the boot and it went straight back in. Only some scratches on my car, exchanged some quick F#*K YOU's, bought my snakes and arrived 5min late for work.

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