Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sooky La La

15km-71:00 (4:44km's) The Bay

20km-89:50 (4:30km's) Concord Foreshore

Finished with my hissy fit, back to work. Straight into a 4-6 week base block depending on how I'm travelling, I'll top up the strength while the training is easy. Started on the antibiotics straight after the race last night, still light headed and not feeling well so took it easy today.

Congrats to Jared West 1:49.57, Silver behind James Gurr and a new PB.



  1. Gary well done on your 1.59.
    I remember seeing a 40 year old run 1.51 in 1990 =Pete Brown from Thames Valley Harriers
    Interviewed here;

  2. Thanks Dave, seems so rare for successful young 800m guys to continue into masters. Quite admirable, I find the training terribly grueling but at least I have the incentive of PB's.

    Also interesting that he won the 1500m in 4:07, almost seems worth entering the 1500m in case it turns into a slow race. A client who is a 400/800m guy won the 1500m at World Masters Games in 4:22, it was a jog to 1200m then he smashed 'em in the kick.