Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Pace Run - Fail

26km including 22km-88:44 (4:02kms) The Bay with Craig D and Fats

Very windy and probably should've adjusted my plan for the session, 18km-4:00kms then 4km fast. The boys dropped me at 5km, I was still running 3:57's but felt rubbish so was happy to let them go. Hit some horrible patches into the wind running several 4:10kms, hit 18km 72:36 way off the pace and struggled to average 3:53's for 3 of the last 4km and a 4:25 into the wind and up the hill for the 21st km.

I still like the idea of the session but 4:00's was too fast for me in the morning, particularly this early into winter. Need a bigger pace differentiation, I'll try the session again when I'm fit. Regardless it was a good run and happy with the effort, it'll push me along a bit.

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