Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Drowned Rat

10km-44:29 (4:30kms) Solo Pyrmont

20km-84:00 (4:12kms) Solo Hen and Chicken Bay

The last 4 runs have been in heavy rain. I was planning on 27km this arvo as the long run on Sunday is in jeopardy but hadn't eaten enough. I struggled to stay on my feet and thankfully a tree saved me from falling into the bay when I got wobbly. According to Millie I can run as far as I like on Sunday as long as I'm up the mountains by 6:30am to help prepare for Koji's Christening. I'll be calling on my best wife management skills to avoid a 3:30am kick off, ouch!


  1. I wish I had the time to run that many km... that said I bet my body would give up if I tried...

  2. Winter is easy, less than 2hrs a day, 60km during Summer takes heaps more time.