Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Bryshon Nellum


9km-42:10 (4:41kms) Solo Wenty Park

16km-68:00 (4:15kms) Solo The Bay


10km-44:00 (4:24kms) Solo The Bay

9km including 1km-2:46 Solo The Bay

Did a swap massage with Emil this morning, Tim Rowe's brother inlaw. The good news is I finally found a massage therapist with good touch, strength and fitness. The bad news is he and Lucy are moving to Adelaide in a few weeks, F#CK, F#CK, SH*T, SH*T!!!

I feel great, the 2:46 was very comfy. Have a new session planned for the squad but going to test it out tomorrow, doing 22kms comprising of 18km at 4:00kms (15sec slower than 1/2 race pace) then 4km at faster than 1/2 race pace. I think it'll expose my endurance and inability to handle breaks in rhythm, which is hopefully the effect I hope to gain from the session.


  1. I know what you mean, my phisio moved to NZ, now I try not to get injured!!!

    2:46 is quick, and with that half marathon session maybe you should run a road race, that 75:58 can go...

  2. Thanks Dion, my quickest for the upcoming 1/2 is 79:38 but I'm hopeful of a bit quicker. I did the 1km as an experiment that an old hand encouraged me to attempt, we'll see how it effects tomorrow's session.