Wednesday, 11 April 2012

My Body is a Temple


10km-42:40 (4:16km's) Solo The Bay + Strength + 60min bike - 32km's Centennial Pk

Big morning, relishing the beautiful Sydney weather on this 4 day weekend.

16km-68:00 (4:15km's) Solo The Bay


20km-89:51 (4:30km's) Solo The Bay


9km-44:58 (5:00km's) Solo The Bay

20km-79:51 (4:00km's) Solo The Bay

I've committed to eating less junk food, I feel like I already reveal too much on this blog but there is now a real danger that this might turn into an eating confession blog. I'll see how I go:-

Monday was bad, vanilla slice, blueberry muffin, 2x180g Red Tulip Easter Bunny's, 2x Red Tulip Eggs, 1xTub of Ben and Jerry's, a whole chicken with large chips and large gravy + coke. Tuesday just 2x Subway Cookies and a 180g Red Tulip Easter Bunny, today only a 35g packet of Toobs and a 180g Red Tulip Easter Bunny. Quite proud of my progress, no Tim Tams or Ice Cream in the house at the moment, should be even better when the local supermarket runs out of Easter Eggs.

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