Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Hippopotamus for Christmas


5km-20:20 (4:04kms) Solo Timbrell Park

Felt great, self needled and massaged last night, good as new.

16km-76:50 (4:47kms) With James The Bay

Trotted around while James did a fartlek session attacking every hill he could find, great to see him finding form again, born to run. Beautiful afternoon on The Bay!

Akira asked for a hippopotamus for Xmas but promised to say 'thank you very much' if he got something else. This is the first Xmas he has expectations of gifts and I'm a bit nervous about how he will respond to the ridiculous multitude of gifts coming his way. I told him that Obachan and Poppy gave me orange juice for Xmas because that's all they could afford, he said he 'loves orange juice' :-)

It will break my fragile little heart if he turns into an ungrateful ravenous pig. Does anyone have any tips on how we can prepare him?

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