Saturday, 1 December 2012

600m TT

600m-87.2 + 600m-1:45 With Megsy at SOPAC

Felt good apart from the 1st rib on the left hand side I popped out during the warm up and couldn't get back in place. Was and still is agony but didn't slow me down. I kept the splits dead even, had Megsy take me through the middle 200m which was ummm 'helpful' but couldn't keep form in the last 50m. Speed ok, but still heaps of room for improvement. Endurance is fine. Speed endurance is lacking as expected, adding depth to the sessions for the next 3 weeks as planned will sort that out. 69.0kgs, still 2.5kg too heavy but much better than 72.5kg 2 weeks ago.

Made a feeble attempt to pace Megsy in her hard 1km, I was paddling the whole way and pulled the pin at 600m. She fell asleep Zzz Zzz for the next 300m then finished hard for an impressive 3:05 track debut. She's starting to find form again and most impressively managed a few 13.0 100m strides in the warm up which had heads turning at the track, not an easy feat. Somebody slap my forehead, why am I wasting this thoroughbred's talent in fun runs???

20km-1:34.52 (4:45kms) Solo The Bay

Had 2 late cancellations so took the chance to get my long run over and done with so I could enjoy the afternoon with the boys and watch the mighty Punter bat. Not ideal at 32 degrees, but big whoop I'm solar powered.

Well done to Fats who managed 2nd place, 4min behind the winner and about 6min faster than his previous best at Kepler. He is flying, the hills within his long run 2 weeks ago were brilliant, I suspect he has plenty of room for improvement too.

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