Saturday, 22 December 2012



Rest, Massage, Ice Bath


3km-15:28 (5:10kms) Solo Abbotsford

800m-1st 1:59.02 Heat 3 SOPAC

+ 10km-44:40 (4:28kms) Solo Barnwell Park

The 800m is a revolving door with a whole new batch of fresh faces to race each season. Of the 11 in my heat I only recognised Drew from Syd Uni, smooth mover Robbie Neill and Earl O'Brien.

Tucked in behind Robbie in mid pack until the 400m-60.5ish then ran around the pack hitting the lead at 550m going through 600m bang on 90.0. The World's loudest fan club were roaring for Robbie as I entered the home straight which was a little disconcerting. I couldn't feel anyone with me and thanks to all the 200m repeats finished 2.3sec clear of another 35+ Stephen Archer from Hills.

Nice to win, my fastest opener and faster than my 2011/12 season best in less than ideal conditions, 28 degrees and windy.

68.0kg, couldn't keep the weight off this week and didn't really bother trying. I just ate and ran whatever and whenever I wanted. Even had a pasta bolognese and a large beetroot juice for lunch today, would never normally eat something heavy on race day but I was starving.

Looking forward to a really hard block of training for the next few weeks, lots of improvement to come. Stoked for Jared snaring a win and new PB 1:49.39, will try and do more sessions with him in early January.


  1. Very impressive mate. Getting slightly concerned about my $50.

  2. Thanks Tom, the 2nd lap is sorted, now I just need to find some of that old speed to have a chance of finally winning a bet with you.

  3. Congrats on that performance Tiger, keep those sub 2's going for a few more years.

  4. Thanks Dave, 13 more years to match your mate from USA.