Tuesday, 11 December 2012

300m, 500m, 300m


7km-33:40 (4:49kms) Solo Nield Park

So sore from the 200s yesterday, good pain I hope.

14km-66:30 (4:45kms) With James Nield/Timbrell/The Bay

Every muscle in my legs is screaming at me.


5km-25:57 (5:12kms) Solo Nield Park

+ Strength

300m (7) 500m (7) 300m Solo SOPAC

43.13, 74.28, 41.65

Very windy!

No clue how I got through this session let alone made it effective, just shut my eyes and grit my teeth. Can't believe I've done a 64.7 500m off the gun before, seems a lifetime ago now. Hit race weight 66.4kg with 11 days to spare, interesting to see if I can hold it as the volume drops. Bloody sore, need a massage!!!

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