Sunday, 9 December 2012

2x200m Hills + 20km

2x200m Paddington Hills 30.0, 31.1 + 20km-1:36.11 (4:49kms) Solo Centennial

Was meant to be 1x200m but I took off too fast and split 12.0/18.0. Thought I could improve on that so tried to run more evenly on a 2nd rep but the tank was empty. The 20km was a battle, I spent most of the run measuring training venues for the squad which killed alot of time but kept the pace over 5mins until 12km, after that I locked into a better rhythm.

Caught up with 30:20 man Knoxy with the Copes, RogeDodge, Rob and families. Amazing how quick everything has changed, it felt like yesterday we were all footloose and fancy free in Adelaide for the Knoxy wedding, today there were 5 kids running amok in the backyard. I sniff a comeback, somebody has been paying way too much attention to minor fun run results, stay tuned.

83km, good week


  1. With his talent, he needs to use it to inspire the kids.

  2. Smooth mover, I reckon he'll be back. Knoxy beat Benny Saint in a 10,000m at Illawong by 20ish secs, not many can claim the scalp of our National Record holder and 3x National Champ.