Sunday, 2 December 2012

Balmain Fun Run

5km-18:40ish (3:44kms)

Way back in the field, too many in front to count. Realistically I think it would've been 18ish but I spent the last 100m racing Akira who wasn't as enthusiastic about our 'bonding' moment as his dad. Rib still out, didn't sleep a wink, might have to see a chiro tomorrow to get it sorted. Apart from the pain it caused a little trouble breathing but the legs were the problem, very heavy.

Well done to Megsy who ran like a champ to take her first race victory 18:45ish on a tough course.

That'll do for the week, I'll take the arvo off and get myself fresh and ready for a feast of 200-400m reps for the next few weeks.

129km and some decent quality for the week

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