Tuesday, 9 April 2013

2x200m, 3x500m

8km-37:44 (4:43kms) The Bay

2x200m (3) 3x500m (7) 28.49, 28.40, 78.0, 77.6, 77.5

Was meant to be 28.5s and 78s, not too bad considering the lights were dim and couldn't see splits on my watch so was guessing. The 200s were identical to last week. Anyway Nationals is this weekend so 'Pacey' is done for the season. I'm predicting a finals berth and possible medals for both Selma and Jared, either way it's been a big breakthrough season for them both.

Halleleujah, no vomiting for 6 months, I'm rooted! Pacer available for hire, will work for cakes:-

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