Monday, 7 January 2013

800m-2:11/6km, 2.5km efforts


800m-2:11ish Campbelltown

Had the perfect 2 weeks of training since the last race with one minor/ish exception. I had 6 stitches put in my right foot on Wednesday from a shard of glass during my session. Predictably the stitches came apart on the 1st bend today so it turned into a clayton's race, I could run the straights but the bends were impossible. Anyway it was worth a gamble, shit happens.

Will lay off any fast work until it heals properly, had an aerobic top up planned for next week anyway.

103km for the week.


15km including 6km-22:42 (3:47kms), 500m jog, 2.5km-8:14 (3:18kms) Solo The Bay

Hot and windy.

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