Friday, 25 January 2013

2km Hard

6.5km-30:52 (4:45kms) With Milly Hen and Chicken Bay

2km-5:38 (2:49kms) Solo The Bay

Check out the red hot London Marathon Field Kipsang, Makau, Mutai x2, Kiprotich, Abshero, Kebede, Lilesa and Dibaba to make her debut. I'll go early and tip Kipsang/Dibaba.


  1. Very impressive. I finally admit you're on fire.

  2. I only see this now, on the side of your blog under about me you have writen:"only read this if you are sad and lonely." I'm not sad or lonely, I'm running mad... ok not as mad as you with your 6633km last year, that is like 2000km more than me. (And people think I run a lot)

    Now 5:38, I'd be happy with that... I look at your 100m time and boy that is quick, then I look at see the distance you run (and you run not jog). I think it's time you aimed at a race and destroyed your PB...

  3. hmm, not quite. equal fastest 2km and the 600m was faster than the junior world record...ahem...cough...umm...for girls.

  4. Thanks Dion, glad you aren't sad or lonely. 800m, 1km, 400m, 800m, 800m coming in the next 5 weeks, the hay is in the barn :-)

  5. I'm going to tip G. Mutai and Dibaba -

  6. 5:38? Geez mate that's killing it. With that speed and your aerobic base from your huge mileage you should be running a sub-34 10K

  7. PLEASE, Sub 34 really?!?! good mileage - normal for a half miler - far from huge. Harsh reality, he'll never run a good 10km, hopefully that's the last thing on his mind. Potentially 32 low to mid at best, nobody with his top end speed can sustain long distance. IMPOSSIBLE - say it french style for effect, IM-POSS-EE-BLAY. I expect sub 2 for many years to come - anyone with the guts to get through those lactic sessions solo will out run old age.

    Enjoying your blog Gary, impressively planned season, wish I could help you rediscover that bounce but I'm done. I tip 156mid, kipsang/melkamu, will be epic if dibaba runs well and g mutai is in top form.

    Matty M

  8. Gimme a call Matty, keen to get your thoughts on some sessions for next season, would like a bit more speed. My brain remembers what to do, but my legs have forgotten.

    Doubt i'd ever target a 10km again, tried in 2009 but didn't feel like it was compatible with effective winter training. Will race GC 1/2 next winter, the longer threshold sessions give my body the rest i need whilst laying a base for the hard sessions ahead.