Thursday, 10 January 2013

4x800m Broken Hills

7km-34:46 (4:58kms) Solo Timbrell Park

Saw Guzz, DB and Fats cruising The Bay. Just like old times, was great to see.

4x800m Broken Hills, Solo Callan Park

(200m hard, 100m jog, 200m hard, 100m jog, 200m hard with jog back recovery)

2:50, 2:46, 2:39, 2:32 avg 2:42

+ Strength

Happy with that, 13sec per rep faster than 22/11 and fastest rep by 7sec. Resisted the temptation to walk back and try for a sub 2:24 without the pace changes, maybe after track season.

Woops she cut off her finger Annika Sorenstam, top chick!

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  1. That was sufficient to make me and the secretaries in the office gag. We were trying to work out if it was pre or post stitches.