Thursday, 31 January 2013

800m-1:59.02 Groundhog Day



6km-28:30 (4:45kms) Solo Timbrell

+ drills and 3x100m hill strides


5km including 6x100m Dalgety Rd hill strides

800m-1:59.02 7th SOPAC

Identical time as the last race except upside down, this time 58mid/60mid. Better run than the last one, 6hrs massage today and a quicker first lap. Badly need the 400m race in 2 weeks, still need more speed and aggression to be in a better position at the cross over, dead last at 200m-28.

On the positives, that's a sub 2min at 39yrs ticked off. Not working on the last 2x800m race days, still plenty of room for improvement. Get another chance on Saturday night, racing a 1km in Newcastle, was only going for an adventure to cheer on Megsy in her track debut but now i'm fired up for a big one. Only 4hrs work and sponging a lift so will be good to go.

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