Sunday, 24 February 2013

Nothing to see here


5km-24:40 (4:56kms) Timbrell Park


800m-2:09.18 7th SOPAC 68.5kgs

Terrible conditions, pissing down and very windy. Been flat out with the extra work and took too many shorts cut this week. I ran out of time to get massage, no ice baths and barely even been on the roller. I'll pretend this race didn't happen and manage my time better next week.



Last race of the season next Saturday, the work is done, just tick the legs over and no short cuts.

74km week


  1. It's a Goulash connection! I refer to your April 6th 2011 post - Goulash ... perhaps a little overdue for comment and completely unrelated to your running. I'm not sad and lonely but am a blast from the ever distant past and had to say hi. I've stumbled across your blog thanks to Gabriella and her Mum's famous Hungarian Goulash circa 1983. I agree, it was a corker of a goulash. Good to see it's remembered and that you're doing well and still running! Good luck. Cheers, Leeanne from the Racecourse days.

  2. Hi Leeanne, good to hear from you, hope you and family are well! The goulash was delicious :-)