Sunday, 17 February 2013

Hard 3km + 4x100m Hills


6km-23:57 (4:00kms), last 3km 9:27 (3:09kms) The Bay
4x100m Hill Sprints fastest 15.00

Too wired after the race so didn't sleep, working full days on Sundays for a while, bit tired and sore but happy to get through a good 3km.

Speaking of 3km, here is the 2009 NSW 3,000m E Grade Race The young kid with the mop of blonde hair in maroon representing Macquarie Hunter was 10th-14:55.80 last night in the NSW 5,000m Champs and the UTS Norths runner with me at the bell is a much touted dark horse for the upcoming 6ft track marathon.

50km Week


  1. Maybe I need to see about running a track race this season... But then I miss out on a days training and I have some big races on the way and train I must... 56 km is a long way and then I have a couple of big trail races... Maybe this year I'll leave the track to you!

    Good luck.

  2. Is that 2 Oceans Dion, I want to come and do that race one day?