Sunday, 3 February 2013

22min Fartlek

4x100m Hills + 20km-91:51 (4:36kms) + 4x100m Hills With Megsy, Meegs and Milly Centennial Park

22min Fartlek 5.96km (3:41kms) Solo The Bay

1,2,3,4,3,2,1min efforts/1min floats


Yuki Kawauchi wins Beppu in 2:08.15, already his 2nd Marathon this year after 12 last year. The lazy would call him crazy.

Collis 1st 60:55 Marugame 1/2, number 3 all time Aussie.


  1. Pretty big deal for Collis beating the Japanese at home I would think, not to mention a couple of east africans. When's he going to step up to the marathon?

    Kawauchi - everyone's working class hero. A PB too.

  2. PB and course record working a full time job. Only running 200km weeks due to time constraints with his job but makes up for it by stacking his weekends, regularly completing 50km long runs and racing every chance he gets. Seems quite logical but alot of people 'conveniently' seem to think he's mad.