Monday, 7 October 2013

40min Fartlek / 600m TT / 6km Tempo / 20min fartlek


16km-66:35 (4:10kms) The Bay

Including 40min fartlek - 3x3min, 3x2min, 10x1min efforts/1min floats

10km-44:06 (4:25kms) The Bay




6km-27:00 (4:30kms) Centennial Park

+ 8x100m hills - fastest 14.55, i think that's my fastest ever. I was unsuccessfully racing a few cyclists up the hill, super talented runners who've been spending alot of time on their bikes lately.


600m TT - 89.30 ES Marks

37 degrees, bloody windy and a 2m wide walkway across the track at the 300m mark to hurdle. The worse the conditions the greater the training effect, if it doesn't kill you.


6km Tempo - 20:42 (3:27kms) The Bay


22km-1:42.20 (4:39kms) The Bay


16km-64:30 (4:02kms) Five Dock Bay

including 20min fartlek (70sec hard/50sec float) @ 3:47kms. I suck at fartlek, 3:50s is generally a good indicator of fitness for me, sub 3:40s seems to be pb ready. Felt pretty good, might be getting fit.

#210 marathon for the squad today, JB 2:41.42 at Melbourne, a gutsy performance from him as usual and we would've gladly taken that 10 weeks ago. 5:30ish conversion from the recent half, a good bad day, Fats wise words on depletion turned out to be prophetic, smart bloke that one. Hard to convince an athlete who races with ambition to celebrate the effort rather than the result. Perspective can be lost by coach and athlete, but he should be as proud of that performance as I am, if you can't celebrate giving it everything then it wasn't worth doing in the first place.

99km week


  1. Good stuff. I looked up Graston technique & will give it a go. I have had primitive forms of it previously with some success. Thanks for that.

    1. Tubby, check these out, i use the shark one on my clients, never found a use for the teeth part so any of the others will be good for the achilles. Regular releasing/needling calves, a moderate eccentric strength program along with gua sha/graston to break up the scar tissue are the ingredients to solving chronic achilles problems. Then the obvious stuff, do not run on the road, run hills or run fast/intense until the tissue is restored to 100%, It will not heal whilst it is being damaged. Do not stretch ever! Roll, trigger point and self massage to relieve pressure on achilles. Do not do weighted calf drops, do not extend the movement below the parallel, only do 10 reps max.

    2. Funny that graston has been renamed even though the chinese have been using it for hundreds of years. Also try actively releasing the achilles.

      perfect demo of Graston

      not so perfect ART demo, but you get the idea, you can do this to yourself.

  2. 'tiger, you can't do a 600m with that across the track. maybe try some 200s'

    'bullshit Pete, I can jump that'

    and jump you did, nice work buddy

  3. Good post Tiger, aim high & celebrate the result regardless. That is definitely a 'good bad day'.