Friday, 6 September 2013

5x600m / W2G


Rest - Stomach Ulcer


Rest - agony


Rest - worse


Rest - better but still shit


Huge improvement all of a sudden.

5x600m (90) Queen Elizabeth Park

Comfy, 1st 5 all 1:50 and last rep 1:47. Feel better after running, blood flow is good.


Striders 10km - 39:56 (4:00kms) North Head

Kicked off a frantic weekend with a visit to watch a few squadlets in action, thought I'd have a trot while I was there and see how the stomach was feeling after yesterday. Felt better, but not quite right. Raced home to vote but the queue was too long, raced to work, raced back home to vote, then raced up the Mountains to dump the kids with the inlaws, then raced down to Penrith for a 40th. By 9:00pm I was doing laps of the monolith trying to keep my eyes open, pooped.


Woodford to Glenbrook 25km - 1:41.08 (4:03kms) 12th

Planned to run slower but felt pretty comfy so went with it. Did a very long cooldown at a nephew's 8th birthday with 20 kids playing footy with me all afternoon, the best! :-)

50km week and a seriously painful lesson learnt.

Check out the latest decoration for the Easy Tiger Massage wall courtesy of Ben St. 12:47 man/boy Hagos Gebrhiwet, yep TWELVE FORTY SEVEN, woah!

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